Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

This information has been prepared for potential tenants and outlines John Holland's vision for the development of the Macquarie Square precinct. The information presented here is intended only as a guide for the purposes of marketing and an aid to further independent investigation of the precinct by potential tenants and should not be relied upon by the potential tenant. The information is subject to change without notice or obligation and all relevant approvals.

This website computer generated imagery to illustrate John Holland's vision for the future development of the precinct. John Holland does not make any promise or representations as to when any part of the future development described in this document will be completed, or whether due to unforeseen circumstances certain components of the project go ahead.

Potential tenants must take note that any figures or calculations contained in the information are estimates based upon indicative design drawings. A potential tenant must make whatever enquiries and investigations that it considers necessary relating to the information supplied to verify and satisfy themselves in relation to all aspects of the information. John Holland does not represent, guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, suitability or otherwise of such information.

John Holland and its leasing agents and their respective employees, agents and representatives will not be liable for any loss, costs, liability or damage resulting from the use or reliance on this information or any other associated marketing material.