Catherine Hamlin Park

Catherine Hamlin Park

Offering more for people

From a lush urban forest to a fitness loop, The Catherine Hamlin Park offers endless possibilities for bringing out the best in people, boosting productivity and nurturing belonging.

Catherine Hamlin Park creates a relaxed atmosphere that brings people together to share ideas, stories and lives. Enjoy the scenery when working to a deadline without losing WI-FI connection.

wellness and fitness Centre

and fitness Centre

increasing health and happiness

Macquarie Square’s Wellness & Fitness Centre takes an innovative approach to spreading wellbeing. More than just a place to work out, it’s focused on educating how to live a healthy lifestyle, promoting new ideas via social media and e-books.

Expect invitations to yoga in the park, team bootcamps, or meditation and mindfulness sessions.

It’s all about making wellbeing the way of life at Macquarie Square.

The Galleria

The Galleria

an URBAN lifestyle interchange

A destination in its own right, the Macquarie Square Galleria is a new lifestyle precinct that brings workers, locals and visitors together.

From a quick coffee and lunch on the go, places to get together and unwind after work, to fashionable restaurants and bars, there’s a diverse range of options to suit every taste.

Co-working Hub


A cross-pollination of minds

Bringing together businesses large and small, the Co-Working Hub focuses on cross-pollination to create more entrepreneurial business cultures.

With flexible, bookable spaces, it’s a nerve-centre for the types of synergies that happen when working alongside other businesses.

Co-working spaces are proven to create happier and more engaged workers with associated increased productivity and more impactful engagement.



A place for creating memories

Macquarie Square will offer the bonus of its own boutique hotel.

With a selection of upscale rooms and suites and outstanding common spaces, the hotel welcomes business and leisure guests to Macquarie Square.

Here, they can relax in solitude and take advantage of the facilities, or get together and swap stories in the stylish hotel bar.



investing in the future

Macquarie Square’s on-site childcare centre will bring families closer together – making it easier to drop off the kids, pop in at lunchtime and avoid the after work pick up rush.

The childcare centre will boast facilities for all ages up to kindergarten as well as before and after school care, and a wide diversity of play and learning spaces.

Set right next to the gardens, there are also opportunities for children to get out into the fresh air and be close to nature.

Public art

Public art

boosting inspiration

Leveraging creative thinking is central to Macquarie Square’s public art strategy.

Work by talented Sydney artist Nadia Odlum will feature at Macquarie Square, showcasing pieces that will reinterpret the idea of a modern marketplace using innovative media.

connected pathways

connected pathways

paving the way

Macquarie Square is a greener, more people-friendly transport leader.

With vehicles diverted underground, and a focus on paths for walking, cycling and jogging, we’re creating a thriving urban environment on a human scale.

Interconnected path and bikeways lead to Macquarie Park Metro station, while electric vehicle and bicycle charging bays continue the focus on a more sustainable commute.

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